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Funding me allows me to continue to house, feed, vaccinate, spay/neuter and find homes for hundreds of abandoned street dogs in Puerto Libertad, Sonora, MX Many of them live here at the refuge because finding responsible homes is often difficult in this area.

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In the future I will make my subs paid only, but for now you can read for free because I like the company. But feel free to be a paid subscriber by all means. If you’d like to buy a tshirt that I design or donate to my paypal or look at cute doggo pics on Instagram (lolasdogrescue) or linktr.ee/lolasdogrescue

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You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave. Stranded in the Mexican desert with hundreds of feral dogs. These are our stories.


Lola's Rescue

Stranded in a remote Mexican desert town since 2021 after a car crash. I started a refuge for abandoned, starved dogs. None of us are welcomed here. In my previous life I was a chef, restaurateur & organic farmer living in Georgia, USA.